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OIL Investment Report

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The OIL Investment Report provides a carefully researched selection of Oil stocks, Gas stocks and renewable energy stocks only with attractive valuations and great momentum.

Why should you be watching Oil / Energy  Stocks right now ? arguments for investing in Oil stocks.

The OIL investment report is updated and expanded on a regular basis to capture latest market moves. Firms researched represent all sectors ( upstream midstream downstream )   of the energy industry.

Get ahead in identifying the right energy stocks for your investment strategy by utilising our report.             Experts are predicting Oil will be the Nasdaq of 2018 i.e. attracting big investor interest towards a sector neglected for years. Tec stocks had their big run in the last 3 years and valuations are sky high. Shift from Tec Stocks to Energy Stocks takes place read this for background Will Oil and Energy Stocks Dominate the Market in 2018?

Evidence on the exceptional performance potential of energy stocks ?  in the R-STOX section and in the OIL-I.com Twitter Feed we introduce stocks that rallied strongly recently and that have been monitored by OIL-I.com when they where still about to break out.

For your convenience the report is made available as one excel file so you can re-use contents easily.

The OIL investment report features 150 + stocks in the following groupings:

50 undervalued Oil and Gas stocks / 30% to 300% upside feasible

25 dividend aristocrats / 5% – 17% dividend yield

15 Renewable Energy Stocks / high growth potential in wind and solar segment

11 Oil Producer

53 Oil/Gas Producer

20 Midstream Infrastructure

9 Gas Developer

9 Oil Tanker

15 Drilling Providers

15 Oil/Gas Transportation/Storage

10 Wind Farms

7 Solar Providers

9 Ethanol Providers

4 Geothermal

Data provided: 52-week low / 52 week high / dividend yield / company description.

The report is updated on a monthly basis, in case of questions or suggestions contact us

Introductionary price   29 EUR with no subscription (Janurary 2018 introduction price only ) 


OIL-I.com is not a financial advisor. This report is therefore to be regarded as a non-binding information.
The report is for information only and does not constitute a purchase or sale recommendation.
It is neither explicitly nor implicitly an assurance of a specific price performance of stocks featured in the report.
Any liability of any kind for the content or derived actions of the reader is expressly and
completely excluded.